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There are a few basic features either missing or that I've been unable to find. A FAQ page would be the most important. I don't see posted anywhere what the rules are for how AutoPay or AutoRenew works for referrals. I have to assume they're based off of how NeoBux structures them. There's just a general lack of information on how to operate the website that would deter users new to this type of website. I think statistics charts for the Adpacks/Revenue shares would be a great addition as well, being able to track how much traffic each Adpack/Revenue share landed on a given day graphically would help cut a lot of time I spend doing math on each pack determining the daily income it generates. Even being able to export information to a spreadsheet to generate our own charts would be a step in the right direction. I understand there's a lot for your company to handle starting a site like this, maybe you could reach out to the community to do some coding for your site in exchange for purchase balance or gold membership benefits?

hi friend good luck

Good idea mate. I agree with this
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